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Seminar about market developments

Nov 07, 2016
Seminar about market developments

We invite you to an interactive presentation, where you'll find:

• dividend estimates on BVB

• how the year 2017 can look like for global markets?


From Ciprian Bîrsan, Senior Broker, you get to learn about:

• Romanian companies by sector (energy, banking and finance)

• Which companies reported Q3

• New estimates Dividend

Michael Nichişoiu, Senior Broker, will go into detail on the following topics:

• Why gold may reach new record highs?

• What can be the strongest currencies next year?

• What are the most promising sectors of the stock?

Date: November 9; time: 18.00

Location: Brasov Business Park, Str. Ionescu Crum, Nr. 1, Enescu Hall


Register link:


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