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Brasov Business Park is located in Brasov on the most commercial driveways of the city, along the Calea Bucuresti and the Saturn Boulevard right in the new commercial area with Carrefour, Praktiker, Mobexpert, Flanco, Bricostore, Romstal, Metro, Selgros and Media Galaxy providing all necessary facilities such as banks, gas stations and excellent public transport.


Brasov, the capital of Brasov County,

is a major Romanian City with a population of around 300.000 inhabitants. The city is located in the touristic central part of the country, being surrounded by the beautiful Southern Carpathians and is situated approximately 160 km north of Bucharest.

Brasov is a perfect location for foreign companies searching for off-shore investments and the labour cost is much lower than in Bucharest. Brasov is the place to be to combine both business and leisure. The developing infrastructure and the new airport will only improve the economical situation of the city.


Romania, member of EU,

is one of the favorite countries for off-shore activities in Eastern Europe. With its strategic position, rich natural resources and access to the Danube and the Black Sea, this country offers many opportunities for Western companies. The big, multi-lingual and very well educated population of 22 million inhabitants is a highly skilled and affordable workforce.

The attraction of foreign companies is one of the most important issues on the agenda of the Romanian government. Big infrastructural improvements, taxation measures (16% flat tax), legal protection and investment incentives create a very favourable environment for international companies to invest in.

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